Investments In the Online Gaming Industry

Today, more and more people are joining the trend of investing in the online gaming industry. Casino games online have become increasingly popular during the last 10 years due to the nature of the easiness and speed of access, as well as the pleasure derived from the entertainment of it.  Online gaming is a way in which an individual can have fun or even make a profit if fate so chooses. Whether a matter of luck or professional experience, the ability to play constantly and win is no longer a fantasy, but a reality. There are great investment opportunities within this industry both for individuals and investment companies. Before investing in any industry it’s essential to understand what the industry is about. The success of any investment is based on risk awareness and for this, one must have as much knowledge as possible to fully understand what moves the share prices up and down. Let’s take a look at a few aspects of what online gaming is about. 

Sweden is one of the most advanced countries in Europe. It counts numerous rising companies and small/average sized businesses not only in Sweden but also outside the national boundaries. Some of the major companies within the global gaming industry are from Sweden. One example is NetEntertainment, another Evolution Gaming and these are only a few of several very successful casino game developers. Adding to it we have some of the largest operators of online casino and sports betting. 

Gambling Facts In Swedish Casinos

Currently, all people who are at least 18 years old are admitted to play games in land based casinos, similarly to most European countries. However, there are also many different forms of gambling in Sweden, precisely slot machines and blackjack in local bars or on ferries.

One thing will surely look weird: although there are so many available slot machines at bars, it’s practically rare to see someone playing those games! Probably, it’s because Swedish people don’t find legal games so attractive as when they were still illegal, it may sound funny though.

The gambling industry in Sweden is possibly the less developed sector in the entire EU. With its only 4 land based casinos, Sweden is at the bottom place in Europe. Nothing to deal with historically important casinos like Monte Carlo Casino, Venice Casino and so many other facilities.

Svenska Spel – Attentive To Responsible GamblingResponsible Gambling

Another interesting thing is that all of the 4 existing land based casinos in Sweden are owned by Svenska Spel – it’s a government-run entity making up for 50% of the gambling market in Sweden.

Svenska Spel has many brands under its name including bingo, poker, online casinos, lottos, kino and many other games. A particular aspect to notice is that Svenska Spel prides itself on responsible gambling.

Online Gaming

Since the introduction of offshore-based casinos in Malta,  Swedish casino players have been able to enjoy safe and fair gaming online at casinos based in Malta. Today there are more than 300 online casinos available in Swedish, many of them offering Swedish support as well. For full list of sites go to:

Although you may think that winning at casino games is all a matter of good luck, there are a few secrets that you can learn. One of the most important tips is to find the return to player percentage of a casino where you’re going to play pokies on. Choose the casino which offers the highest RTP percentage for better chances of winning for you.

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